MARQUES (June 2014) “Any legislation or legal measure to hamper the use of lawful trade markes in the ordinary course of business should not be permitted. A balance must be found between any serious consumer health issues and the right of Brand owners to display a valid trademark on the packaging of any lawful product.”

JIPA (Japan IP Association) Submission to WTO, April 2015 “JIPA is extremely concerned by measures that substantially deprive owners of IP protection by limiting distinctive function of trademarks.”

ICC-BASCAP “We believe (plain packaging) will establish a precedent regarding the future use of trademarks and intellectual property that could be applied in the future to other product categories”.

US Chamber of Commerce “… (plain packaging sets a dangerous precedent at the expense of the protection of IP rights for a number of industries.”

The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). “… (plain packaging) […] may become a precedent for action in relation to other goods, for example alcoholic beverages.” “[…] Concerns about plain packaging extend beyond the proposed regulations for tobacco products and that plain packaging could lead to a greater restriction on trademark use for many other products as well”.

MARQUES “… (plain packaging could well have a domino effect on other products and industries […] such as the alcohol, food, medicines, confectionary, beverage, cosmetics and automotive industries.”

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