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Many groups, organisations and individuals from across the world that we have met at trade shows and events are concerned by the increasing attacks on brand freedom. We encourage any organisation or network committed to brand protection, and seek to raise awareness of the value of brands, the positive contribution they make to everyday life and the downsides of restricting their use.

August 2019
Etienne Hendrickx from MosquitNo shares his thoughts on Excessive Regulation
August 2019
Expanding consumer choice, through dismantling the heavy restrictive regulatory network and promoting innovation, makes possible the production of cheaper, more consumer-friendly and less harmful alternatives.
Adam Smith Institute
March 2019
FT Business Regulation Forum Bogota 2018
February 2019
The [WHO plain packaging] policy has faced considerable pushback from countries that value intellectual property rights and personal freedom such as the United States, Germany, and Sweden. This is because it opens the door for governments to manipulate personal choice, limit freedom of expression and play with market signals.
Lorenzo Montanari, Director of International Programs and Affairs for Americans
June 2018
Plain packaging is not only an attack on the freedom of expression of brands but also deprives consumers of important signaling information brands stand for.
Consumer Choice Center (CCC), Managing Director Fred Roeder
February 2018
Any consumer product deemed unacceptable can face brand restrictions, which open the floodgates for governments and activists to restrict any behaviour they deem unacceptable – numerous industries beyond tobacco are at risk. At their most basic, trademarks function as a source of information that enable consumers to make quick, confident and safe purchasing decisions.
Tish Berard, President of INTA
January 2019
Plain packaging laws will facilitate the spread of counterfeit tobacco products by making them easier to produce and more difficult to detect.
May 2017
We strongly believe that the introduction of plain packaging legislation prevents companies from using their legally owned and endorsed intellectual property, and if implemented for one category of products, a dangerous precedent is created that could be imposed on other categories in the name of furtherance of other seemingly well-intended goals.
October 2018
The FDA must stop the federal overreach in food and tobacco policy and respect personal freedom, markets and the plain language of laws.
Heritage Foundation, Senior Research Fellow Daren Bakst