About us

Excessive regulation is on the rise. No matter what industry you work in or with, its effects will impact you. Recent examples show that piling up regulation doesn’t make things better. More regulation does not mean better regulation. This misguided approach leads to damaging brands, businesses and entire industries. Good regulation happens when it has been well-thought through, with proper consultation, taking into consideration all potential consequences. Whether you are concerned by the protection of your trademarks and your business or you simply believe in consumers’ freedom of choice, we invite you to join the debate.

Many groups, organizations and individuals from across the world that we have met at trade shows and events are concerned by the increasing attacks on brands and consumer choice. We encourage any organization or network committed to brand protection to join the debate and seek to raise awareness of the value of brands, the positive contribution they make to everyday life and the downsides of restricting their use.

This is a JTI initiative. To find more information, visit www.jti.com.